Monthly Press Releases by ConsistentReach

Press Release Wire Mashup

If you are Web 2.0 savvy, you've probably heard of mashups.

For web developers, it means to mix two or more pieces of complimentary web functionalities to create a separate, powerful web application. In the music world, it means mixing songs and video to appear as one compilation.

In ConsistentPR model a mashup is a strategic mix of press release distribution wires and blogger sites for one common goal: maximum pickup.

Each of our distribution partners offers its unique vaue proposition. Some are stronger with multimedia releases. Others reach farther beyond your borders. Still others have an "in" with niche publications you may need to reach. Then there's the viral power of the blogosphere.

With our monthly wire mashup strategy, you get the best of all words. Or, you can choose to stay consistent with the wire of your wishes. The power is in your hands. The monthly management is in ours.



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Our Affordable Monthly Price Includes:
  • Quarterly PR Strategy Call
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  • Process oversight by PRSA professional
  • Paid distribution through premium wire services: Marketwire, or GlobeNewswire.
  • Embedded photo and SEO options
  • Dedicated PR manager to keep your strategy consistent and on deadline
  • We handle all media inquiries