Monthly Press Releases by ConsistentReach

ConsistentWatch Monitors Your Brand

ConsistentWatch is your online press clipping service that monitors your media mentions and more.

When we distribute your press release through our ConsistentPR platform, you will receive a report of where your press release got picked up within 72 hours. But we don't stop there. ConsistentWatch continues to monitor the online media throughout the month to see where stories about your company appear.

Tapping into competitive intelligence

No one likes to see their competitor one up them – but you do need to keep tabs about what the media is saying about your competitors. It could help you plan your next move.

That’s why we offer ConsistentWatch includes a form of competitive intelligence. If your competitor announces a new product or service, you’ll be the first to know. If he’s found his way into the media spotlight, you won’t be left in the dark.

When you sign up with ConsistentReach’s fully automated monthly press release service, you can choose to receive daily or weekly reports on your top three competitor’s media mentions sent to you via e-mail at no extra charge.

Online reputation management made simple

Do you know what bloggers are saying about you? What’s the chatter about your brand in online forums? How about news stories in online newspapers and magazines? What you don’t know could be hurting you.

That’s why ConsistentWatch also includes an online reputation management service that helps you understand how customers perceive your brand. If your brand is getting negative mentions, we’ll sound the alarm and let you know your reputation is at risk so you can take action to correct misperceptions or handle crises.

While we’re not playing at the same level as Brandwatch, FindAgent, RepuMetrix and the other online reputation management market leaders that serve major corporations, we offer a simple, free solution for the small- to mid-sized businesses that understand the importance of keeping a close eye on your brand name online. And it's free for our monthly clients.



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  • Dedicated PR manager to keep your strategy consistent and on deadline
  • We handle all media inquiries