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Toyota Faces New PR Crisis

Posted at 2010-02-23

It's the latest PR nightmare for Toyota in what has been a string of bad news for the auto giant. Documents turned over to a Congressional committee show a Toyota executive apparently gloating about how the carmaker saved $100-million by negotiating with U.S. regulators for a more limited recall of some Toyota models. Keep Reading

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Tiger Woods Makes Family Part of PR Strategy

Posted at 2010-02-22

Rob Shuter gives the inside scoop on Tiger Woods' latest PR strategy Keep Reading

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Tweeting for PR Jobs

Posted at 2010-02-19

PR pros across the country are working together to tackle employment challenges. Keep Reading

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Is Google's Withdrawal from China a Good PR Move?

Posted at 2010-01-14

On Tuesday, Google made a strong move against communist China by refusing to continue censoring search results on its Chinese site. Is this a good PR move, standing up for free speech in a communist nation? Or is Google shooting itself in the foot by potentially giving up market share there? Time will tell. What do you think?... Keep Reading

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Digg Hires New PR Guru

Posted at 2010-01-12

TechCrunch reports... It took a little while, but Digg finally has a new head of PR. The company has hired Michele Husak, who previously held the same job at Pandora, the streaming music recommendation engine. According to her LinkedIn profile, she started the job last month, but they're just announcing it now. Click here to read more...... Keep Reading

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2010 PR Predictions

Posted at 2010-01-07

Want to know what to expect in PR in 2010? Cirisis firms will adopt a pay-by-performance model. So says David Moye, media relations manager at San Diego's Alternative Strategies. Some have said the whole industry will move that way. I don't know about that, but it's an interesting discussion. What do you think will be the biggest story in PR this year?... Keep Reading

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Tigher PR Budgets Take Toll on Media Professionals

Posted at 2009-04-06

Tighter budgets, staff cuts and a continuing shift from print to
online reporting responsibilities are requiring media professionals to
work longer hours and forcing many to consider a career outside of
journalism. This, and other findings uncovered in the "2009 PRWeek/PR Newswire Media Survey,"
indicate that the media profession remains turbulent, but that the
changing landscape has created more opportunities for reporters to have
their work published a... Keep Reading

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What is Social Public Relations?

Posted at 2009-04-01

Public relations campaigns have always been one of the main streams
a medium, or large business would use to reach out to their prospective
clients. The idea is simple: Get inside the everyday life of potential
clients, without making it look like an ad, using a clever trick or
two, at times.As the Internet progresses, more companies are
finding out that their best target audience could be regular
participants in an industry-related social network or a b... Keep Reading

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Examining Obama's PR Blitz

Posted at 2009-04-01

Have you read Advertising Age's column that asks the question, "Is the President's PR Barrage Working?" Here's an excerpt: In the past few weeks the president, along with his wife, Michelle, have easily been on more magazine covers and done more TV and newspaper interviews than Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Lindsay Lohan and Britney
Spears combined. In the past week Mr. Obama, was seen on NBC's "Tonight
Show With Jay Leno," a first for a sitting president; in a half-hour
sit-do... Keep Reading

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10 Top Tips for Effective Press Releases

Posted at 2009-03-23

We came across this article about "critical press release writing tips." It's worth giving it a quick once over. The part we like best is "make it easy for the media." We've seen too many press releases and too many web sites that don't give journalists much to go on, or don't offer contact information, or write the release with such puffery that it's practically useless. Keep in mind that journalists will often pull quotes from press releases to use in their story without ever contacting you --... Keep Reading

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