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Agency Partnerships

As PR and business veterans, we understand the benefits of hiring a full-service PR agency. ConsistentReach doesn't pretend to be a full-service agency nor do we intend to compete at that level. Instead, we partner with our "big brothers" in the public relations field to help clients where they are and take them where they want to go. We also incorporate social media strategies that go beyond the standard press release.

Our goal is to bridge the gap between do-it-yourselfers who may "do it" poorly and full-service agencies that many small businesses can't yet afford. Our Agency Partnership Program is one means to that end.

ConsitentReach's Agency Partnership program offers full-service PR firms the ability to assist small- to mid-sized businesses that understand the power of public relations but may not have the budget to retain a traditional agency. These clients have historically been turned away by agencies to fend for themselves. When that happens, the agency loses a revenue stream.

When you refer those clients to ConsistentReach, we work with them to develop and implement a PR strategy that gets their foot in the door and helps to take their business to the next level. The concept is simple: With our help, these small clients will eventually grow to the point where hiring a full-service PR firm is feasible. That's when the Agency Partnership Program comes full circle and we send those growing companies back to the agency that referred them to us.

Consider the benefits of our Agency Partner Program:

  • Generate incremental recurring revenue from clients that cannot yet afford your firm
  • Retain client contact and possibly covert clients to retainers when they grow
  • Foster brand awareness with a co-branded console for referred clients (optional)
  • Listing in our PR Agency directory (coming soon)



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Our Affordable Monthly Price Includes:
  • Quarterly PR Strategy Call
  • Press release writing and editing
  • Process oversight by PRSA professional
  • Paid distribution through premium wire services: Marketwire, or GlobeNewswire.
  • Embedded photo and SEO options
  • Dedicated PR manager to keep your strategy consistent and on deadline
  • We handle all media inquiries